Really Flock a Friend: Send 5 Dozen (60) Chickens

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Really Flock a Friend: Send 5 Dozen (60) Chickens

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Wild Guess: You really love this recipient, you really hate this recipient, or you want to put your untouched stimulus check to eggsordinarily good use. My whole family said no one would order this. In any case, adding this in your cart will result in your recipient getting 60 rubber chickens in their mailbox. We hope the recipient has many dogs or children or comedian friends so as to adequately appreciate this influx of rubber friends. 


  • "To" and "From" addresses written right on the chicken (sender information optional). Not going to lie, doing this 60 times will probably take at least 4 hours. But we know this will be for a good cause. And thank you for spreading chicken cheer.
  • Each of the 60 Carrier Chicken has a punny name (like Eggward or Eggmund).
  • Shipping fees included.
  • Shipped with USPS with 5 - 14 days delivery time within the United States (we currently only ship to U.S. addresses).
  • Note: due to how USPS processes packages, the chickens may arrive on different days.
  • Note: we enjoy a good laugh but won't write any messages that are meant to be threatening or hateful!
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