SOLD OUT Fresh Dollar in a Chicken

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SOLD OUT Fresh Dollar in a Chicken

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Why send a dollar in a chicken? Maybe you lost a bet. Maybe you want to help a friend with rent. Maybe your nephew has always wanted to be a pirate and this is conceptually the closest thing to a treasure chest that you've ever seen. Maybe you forgot your Paypal password. Maybe you want to send someone a Lunar New Year red envelope in the form of a chicken. Maybe you owe someone $10 and but they only take ones, so you need to order 10 of these.

Basic Features:

  • A fresh, crisp, hygienic dollar from the bank, rolled up, in the chicken
  • "Behead Me!" written near the neck so your recipient knows to look inside (the chicken will squawk again once the head is reinstated)
  • Ships from Northern California with USPS in a clear envelope
  • 5 - 15 days for delivery within the United States (we currently only ship to U.S. addresses but can handle APO/FPO addresses)--due to the holiday influx, deliveries are experiencing longer transit times than usual
  • Optional punny name like Eggelina Jolie
  • Optional public message available (see left to type in your message)
  • NOTE: Chickens sent to the same address/neighborhood may arrive on different days due to how USPS handles separate packages.
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