Candy in a Chicken

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Candy in a Chicken

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Send your favorite kid (or sweet toothed adult) a noisy treat! 

Your recipient has to take off the chicken head off to get the 3 pieces of candy tucked inside (rest assured that the head can be reattached). How befitting of 2020. Note: for now, the chickens fly in a see-through envelope.

Basic Features:

  • Chicken will contain 3 pieces of candy, which may include any of the following: SweetTart candy canes, M&Ms, Twix, or Haribo gummy bears. Right now, the chocolates are Valentine's themed, i.e. pink. 
  • Ships from Northern California with USPS in a clear envelope
  • 5 - 15 days for delivery within the United States (we currently only ship to U.S. addresses but can handle APO/FPO addresses)--due to the holiday influx, deliveries are experiencing longer transit times than usual.
  • NOTE: as of 12/15, we are not absolutely sure this will arrive by Christmas due to holiday delays, but will try to fulfill orders as expediently as we can.
  • Optional spooky punny name like Count Dreggula
  • Optional public message available (see left to type in your message)
  • NOTE: Chickens sent to the same address/neighborhood may arrive on different days due to how USPS handles separate packages.
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