Candy in a Chicken

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Candy in a Chicken

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Send your favorite kid (or sweet toothed adult) a noisy treat! 

Your recipient has to take off the chicken head off to get the 3 pieces of candy tucked inside (rest assured that the head can be reattached). How befitting of 2020. Note: for now, the chickens fly in a see-through envelope.

Basic Features:

  • Chicken will contain 3 pieces of candy from Trolli (Jawbreakers, SweetTarts, Nerds, Gummi Worms) and Jolly Rancher (lollipops, hard candy) brands (because those taste the best and probably won't melt and because we all know chickens like worms)
  • Ships from Northern California with USPS in a clear envelope
  • 3 - 12 days delivery time within the United States (we currently only ship to U.S. addresses)
  • Optional spooky punny name like Count Dreggula
  • Optional public message available (see left to type in your message)
  • NOTE: Chickens sent to the same address/neighborhood may arrive on different days due to how USPS handles separate packages.
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