500 Eggcellent Chicken Puns E-book
500 Eggcellent Chicken Puns E-book
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500 Eggcellent Chicken Puns E-book

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Throughout the years, we've seen so many chicken and egg puns, eggcellent and uneggcceptably bad. Since the puns have brought so much joy, we've compiled our favorites in an E-book for you to cluckle at.


  • 500 chicken, bird, duck, and egg related puns
  • Organized seggtions spanning everything from music (yes, Kanye Nest is running for eggsident) to literature (what's your favorite Eggatha Chickstie book?) to science (do you think the apple to his head made Isegg Newton smarter?)
  • Puns that are safe for all ages--no eggcessively naughty yolks here!
  • Delivered in .epub or .mobi format starting on August 1, 2020

We're offering the special discounted of $5 price to the first 100 orders, and may ask you to rate the quality of the puns so that only the best ones make it to the final version.

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