Use Cases

There have been use cases for the chickens beyond what our imaginations dared to dream. Here are some of our favorites:

  • "Will you be my maid of honor?"
  • Then, the week after from presumably her fiance, "Will you be my groomsman?"
  • 50th birthdays
  • 40th birthdays
  • 30th birthdays
  • 21st birthday
  • Congrats on law school
  • Congrats on the new roost
  • Congrats on the new job
  • Good luck in elementary school
  • Happy Mother's Day
  • Happy Father's Day
  • Here's your chicken Youtube channel starter kit
  • You're gonna beat COVID!
  • You're gonna beat cancer!
  • You're gonna beat rehab!
  • Since I can't visit, I'm sending my chicken counterpart to say hi
  • Here's a friend for Mr. Spots
  • Here's a friend for Dad
  • I'm drunk
  • I just wanted to send myself a chicken
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