the story

Are you serious?

Absolutely! My local USPS office refers to me affectionately as "the chicken lady." 

How long will it take for the chicken to get delivered?

It'll take between 2-4 business days (my local USPS office doesn't ship on Saturdays or Sundays) to prepare the shipment so the Carrier Chicken will take 6-10 days to fly to your recipient.

Where do you deliver to? 

For the time being, Carrier Chickens only fly within the United States. 

Does the chicken squawk?

Yes, with much gusto. When testing out different chickens for this product, my housemates thought someone in the house took up playing the flute and was just really, really bad at it. 

What's the story behind all of this?

Summer 2005: For a choir performance, I endured a 6 hour bus ride from San Jose to Los Angeles. My friend Alice suffered a terrible earache and couldn't stop crying. The only thing that helped was a chaperone playing the most ridiculous ringtone on his phone: the sound of a chicken squawking. Alice laughed so hard that the pain from her earache subsided. 

December 2013:  I contemplate buying a stress ball vs. a rubber chicken for stress relief. I choose the rubber chicken.

November 2016: I read "Anatomy of an Illness" by Norman Cousins and discover that laughter (and Vitamin C) can sometimes cure terminal illnesses. 

February 2017: I read webcomic "Hyperbole and a Half" and was touched by how in one strip, the author eases out of depression after laughing hysterically at the absurdity of a single kernel of corn beneath her fridge. 

April 2017: I brought a rubber chicken around town and sees how much mirth (and joyful confusion) it brings to those around me. See photos on Instagram @thecarrierchicken . 

July 2017: Carrier Chicken launches.


I have questions. Who do I contact?

Send me a note at !

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