Free Chicken

We love seeing and sharing reaction videos, so to incentivize more chicken shenanigans in the world, follow these steps:

  1. Order a chicken 
  2. Have your recipient record themselves opening the mailbox to retrieve the chicken. 1 second of the video should focus on the chicken butt, which shows 
  3. Post the reaction video on Tiktok and/or Instagram Reels and tag @thecarrierchicken and use the hashtag #freechicken
  4. Send us an email at with the link to your post! Sometimes, we don't have permission to message you directly, so do ping us.

After we see the tag and email, we will send you a code for the next chicken to be free!

In the meantime, we're clucking around on Tiktok at and on Instagram at .

Fine print:

  1. The video must stay up for at least two weeks
  2. Each unit of purchased chicken can earn one free chicken
  3. Limit 5 free chickens per individual
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